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Welcome to Rosnoyya Security Corp.

In a world where food grows scarce and violence imminent, the Russian Empire looked to the stars. As humanity fled the dying Earth, they found new homes in lands far away. Many planets have been terraformed and made fit for human life. New species are herded for meat, new plants farmed. Throughout this growth though, are dangers.

Other sentient races were discovered as humanity expanded. First met were the Ukesh, a race of brutish, violent beings. Next were their masters the Noai, a hyper intelligent avian people. Humanity proved itself formidable and carved out a piece of the galaxy for its own.

We at the Rosnoyya Security Corp. work for what’s best for the people. We’re expensive, but we get the job done. The Russian government often hires our forces to supplement their own, to go where they can not, and to covertly oversee it’s own operations from the outside. Rosnoyya represents the best and brightest that the Empire has to offer. We will not be undersold.

Main Page

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