The First Extrasolar War

First Contact

Once the Human Empire became established, they quickly expanded and encountered the Ukesh race on the planet Kestral in 2208. The Ukesh reacted with hostility towards the scouting team, killed them on the spot. The Empire sent a follow-up team to investigate the disappearance of the initial squad and found them dead and dissected by the alien race.

The War

In retaliation, the Empire laid siege on the Ukesh planet. The Noai intervened on the Ukesh’s behalf and began the First Extrasolar War. The battles continued for 12 years. Toward the end of the war the Empire hired the Rosnoyya Security Corporation to carry on clandestine missions as a private army. Rosnoyya managed to infiltrate and disrupt Noai/Ukesh military operations and after severe casualties on both sides, each agreed to negotiate for peace.


Each race sent ambassadors to the neutral planet, Sivat, to discuss peace. Humanity agreed to retreat from Noai systems and pull Rosnoyya back to Imperial space. The Noai were asked to relinquish control of several systems to the Empire and release all prisoners of war.

Each civilization retreated back to their own space in 2220. After 5 years of tentative peace, border crossings were finally allowed. Humanity remains under careful watch by the Noai and Ukesh, but trade flourishes.

The First Extrasolar War

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