Rosnoyya RPG



Kidnapped! Karina’s ex-lover and Dmitri’s criminal brother had been kidnapped by Voyenn and held hostage. Petya moved ahead to the testing ground to scout ahead while the others went back to rescue their respective companions. They freed a young pilot being held as a slave, killing his master, and traveled to the moon orbiting Cravat-6. Through excellent hacking and some lucky shots, the adventurers successfully infiltrated the Voyenn base and rescued their quarry, suffering only minor injuries.

They went to the Imperial outpost, delivering Dmitri’s brother for his bounty (a small fortune) and Luger for safe keeping until the current mission is at an end.

In the meantime! Petya arrives at the former testing ground for Project REACH and finds it all but abandoned. After the first night there, he runs across a Voyenn soldier wandering the facility. Find out more, next time!



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